Year-round packages

Gourmet experience stay

Food does not equal food.

Have you catched yourself deciding between taste and quality?

Between a pleasant environment and a cordial professional service?

You don´t need to solve this dilemma when you come to us. What we have prepared for you fulfils everything.

In a soul caressing atmosphere, our attentive and friendly staff will devote themselves cordially to you. Our staff will present you professionally everything what you take a taste of.

The five course degustation dinners will break you away from the daily routine and will sublimate your moments, so that they will become an unforgettable experience.

Upon departure, you will be just laughing. Not only because you have experienced something exceptional, but mainly because you have been hesitating to come at all …

Luxurious package for king and queen

As children we have various dreams. But, no doubt that some of them we all have in common. Dreams about a king and a queen.

In the course of time we are forgetting about these dreams. Other kinds of dreams are replacing them. Though, somewhere deep inside of us rests a desire to try it out at least.

The GL Hotel is prepared to fulfil your dream as far as possible.

Experience something, what others are only dreaming about…