Grand Luxury Hotel Trutnov

On the foothill of the Giant Mountains, you can visit our Grand Luxury Hotel, which is situated in the historical centre of the town Trutnov. Located directly in the town centre, our hotel is the most lucrative and the most wanted hotel all around. We emphasise on comfort of our guests, who can enjoy 24 rooms in stylish design, with a relaxing and an intimate atmosphere. Every room is equipped with a sanitary facility and Wi-Fi. The hotel complex includes a luxurious and stylish restaurant, where only the perception of the space and the music of the Old Masters is a fabulous experience. The Chef creates a menu using fresh ingredients without glutamate and chemical additives. Another unique part of the hotel is the Caffé. The modern setting of our Caffé is sensitively engaged with the atmosphere of the most luxurious cafés of the First Czechoslovak Republic. We attach great importance to the selection of the top non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, our own coffee Grand Luxury King and the tenderer Grand Luxury Queen, served by our certified barista. Our friendly and professional staff speaks several international languages and is always available to help and to grant you the best possible experience at the Grand Luxury Hotel Trutnov.