GL Hotel Trutnov news

Beer from family brewery Hendrych

We offer you high-quality non-pasteurized and unfiltered beers from the family brewery Hendrych from Vrchlabí.

The real Czech lager HENDRYCH 11°

  • bottom fermented
  • non-pasteurized
  • unfiltered
  • Czech hops
  • horn single mald from a small malt house
  • two-step fermentation

…get to know the embracement of genuine Czech lager, which seduces with it´s great bitterness and a full and mature body.

Semi dark beer special HENDRYCH 13°

  • buttom fermented
  • non-pasteurized
  • unfiltered
  • Czech hops
  • horn single mald from a small malt house

…let yourself get carried away by it´s full body and a bitter after taste

Breakfast for the public

Everyday,  we are pleased to prepare buffet or individual breakfast (according to the number of guests) for you in our hotel restaurant. We offer our handmade hotel breads, scrambled eggs, smoked meats, cheeses, vegetables, muesli, cereals, fruits and a lot of other breakfast goodies, including a cup of delicious tea or savourous Grand Luxury coffee.

Start the day enjoyably…

Here, we serve breakfast for you every day of the year.
From Mondy to Friday from 7.00 a.m.
On Saturday, Sunday and during bank holiday from 8.00 a.m.

Enjoy your morning tastefully…

Vegan lunch menu

At our place, you can enjoy also VEGAN lunch menu dishes, prepared without the use of meat, milk or any animal products. Indulge yourself and your body by light, not burdening dish full of nutrients and vitamins. Appropriate also for pregnant women and persons with a diet.

The price for one lunch menu is 98 Kč (4,- €) including one portion of fruits or vegetables.

Enjoy it.

Lunch express menus

Prepared without glutamates, ready-to-serve meals, instant mixtures, chemical flavour enhancers, refined food and frozen foods.
Served always from monday to friday from 11.00 a.m. until 15.00 p.m. Every day four alternatives free of choice (one menu is always vegan).
Menu price including soup 4 € (98 Kč).

We accept also credit cards.
In the summer, sitting is possible also in front of the hotel on the smoking friendly summer terrace.