Grand Luxury Hotel *** offers for clients a wide range of activities during the summer months. These activities are provided by the hotel or by our contractual partners. All information about the activities you will find at the hotel reception, where you can order too.


Rock climbing in Adršpach-Teplice Rocks is suitable for beginners, advanced, experienced climbers. We can also provide courses for children. You’ll learn all about climbing aids, proper establishment and protection, the communication between you and your climbing partner and the climbing technique.


A kiting school takes place both in Trutnov and in the nearby town Mladé Buky, but also on Luční bouda (1,410 metres above sea level). Kiting is basically a young but very dynamically evolving adrenaline sport that uses a kite (kite, powerkite) to propel riders. The kite is tied to the rider´s harness (a trapeze type belt) via ca. 25 m long lines. These lines are anchored to the control bar to which the rider holds on. This attachment of lines is called the de-power system. With this system it is possible to change the length of the control lines and thus to control the direction of flight and the pull of the kite.


Dogtrekking is hiking with a dog strapped to you by a special strap. The dog makes walking easier. Come with us to rediscover and enjoy the ancient union of man and dog. The nature of the Giant Mountains is perfect for this adventure.


Slackline is a very young, evolving sport. A classic slackline is a flat, 2-3 cm wide line of webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Even in this sport several specific styles can be distinguished. There is for example low slacklining on which are made especially tricks, waterlining, that means slacklining over water, or longlining. The icing on the cake is then highlining, which is performed from a few to hundreds of meters above the ground or water. You can try this adrenaline activity in the town park or anywhere in the nature of the Giant Mountains.


Enjoy adrenaline, relax, drudgery, freestyle, freedom on bike routes in the Giant Mountains. In the Giant Mountains you will find 415 marked cycle routes of the total length of 402.5 kilometres, leading through the most interesting tourist areas of the Giant Mountains National Park.

Renting of mountain bikes

You can rent Pells, Rock Machine and Corratec mountain bikes for adults and children directly at the hotel. With every hire you will get a bike lock, a pump, a spare inner tube and Allen keys as well as cycle maps.


Cycling accompaniment or cycling trip

The advantage of the cycling accompaniment is the knowledge of local conditions, choice of optimal routes and technical assistance. We can also organize tours for individuals, families, friends, companies or firms. The knowledge of German and English is granted.

Rafting and canoeing school

The courses are intended for beginner and advanced rafters and canoeists, who can enjoy half-day, one-day and two-day trips on the rivers Upa, Labe and Jizera. An equipment rental is included.


Paintball is a modern, fast-growing adrenaline sport that doesn´t require only speed, strength and physical fitness. In a paintball game, also tactical thinking and a cool head are required. You will experience joy and euphoria of winning and the disappointment when you find out, how easy it is sometimes to lose. Although paintball guns resemble to real guns and pistols, in fact they work on the principle of compressed air or carbon dioxide. They shoot paintballs, which are gelatine capsules containing dye. Their range is from 30 to 45 meters, and most of them work on a semi-automatic principle (one trigger pull = one shot). With us, you can play paintball in the nearby recreational area of Dolce in Trutnov. An equipment rental is included.

Tour guide services

We provide services of a licensed tour guide around the town and the surrounding areas in Czech and English language. Visit with us the most famous sights of Trutnov and its surrounding areas such as the Grandma´s Valley in Ratibořice, the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, Kuks Hospital and Braun’s Nativity, the Artillery fort Stachelberg, the Military fortress in Josefov etc.

Other activities in the town and surrounding areas:

  •  Horsebackrides
  •  Sightseeing flights
  •  Walking, cycling and inline trails

Tips where to go in the summer:

  •  The Municipal swimming pool Trutnov
  •  The Municipal park Trutnov
  •  Recreation area Dolce
  •  Bobsleigh Mladé Buky